Destiny 2 Announces New Pinnacle Weaponry for Season 5

For all you Destiny 2 players looking for a serious challenge, with amazing rewards to start off your Destiny 2 Season 5 journey, we’ve got the perfect news for you.

Wednesday’s Bungie post saw some exciting new content in the midst Destiny 2 Season 5. Most importantly, comes 3 new pinnacle weapons to earn the crucible! These new guns are extremely useful, but they take quite a lot of dedication to earn. Let’s take a look.

Loaded Question

Firstly, we’ve got the ‘Loaded Question,’ a high impact fusion rifle. The highlight of this new gun has to be its ability, ‘Reservoir Burst.’ This powerful attack, when your battery is full, deals additional damage on your next burst, and even explodes enemies on death! Now, how do you get this crazy gun? You’ll be able to start you’re quest from Zavala, who’ll set you 3 goals you must grind towards: 500 Fusion Rifle kills, 1000 Arc kills, and 40 strike or nightfall completions. Once you’ve done all that – head back to Zavala, and you’ll get your heard earned ‘Loaded Question’ rifle. This gun, according to Bungie, went through quite a lot of cycles, and even at one stage had a whole different perk for Destiny 2 Season 5. The first thought was to create a damage bonus, but that wasn’t exciting enough. So they settled onto the explosion factor we have now, and with no doubt, that was the right decision.


Next up, we’ve got the ‘Breakneck,’ a precise auto rifle, similar to an AK-47. The unique ability of this rifle is ‘Rampage,’ an ability that causes your fire-rate to increase as you stack the ability. To get this epic weapon, you’ll need to go to the Drifter, and get a quest from him. In this quest, you’ll need to achieve 500 auto rifle kills, 100 auto rifle multi-kills, 150 challenging enemy kills, and 40 completed Gambit matches. When you’ve done those tasks, head back to the Drifter, and he’ll hand you the coveted Breakneck gun. The idea for this gun came from the fact that Destiny 2 Season 5 needed a gun that has the capability of killing large amounts of enemies. As a result, the fire rate perks of the ‘Breakneck’ arose.


Last but not least – we have the gun that’s sure to make your jaw drop – ‘The Mountaintop.’ This gun is a rocket and grenade launcher hybrid, with instant-detonating projectiles. No, you’re not dreaming. ‘Micro-Missile,’ its special ability, fires projectiles in a straight line, at incredible speeds. Also, it’s the also lightweight grenade launcher with sticky grenades, so have fun with that! This gun was primarily designed to fill in the gaps of the missing grenade launchers in the game for Destiny 2 Season 5. Talking about the gun is great, but we all want to know what it takes to amass such a weapon of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, to get ‘The Mountaintop,’ it isn’t as simple or straightforward as the other quests. To get this quest, head to Lord Shaxx. Firstly, you’ll need to reach the Glory rank ‘Brave,’ within the season. The next step requires you to accumulate a certain number of total points, corresponding to a wide variety of activities. We’ll run you through each of them:

  • In the crucible game mode, you’ll need to get Grenade Launcher final blows, approximately 750 points worth. Each non-competitive kill is worth 3 points, while each competitive kill is worth 10 points.
  • Next, you’ll need to accumulate 200 points worth of rapidly defeating groups of two or more opponents. Non-competitive double plays award you 2 points, while each subsequent kill after that awards you 1 point. Competitive double plays award you with 5 points, while each subsequent kill awards you 2 points.
  • Next, you’ll need to earn 100 points of trajectory medals. Each trajectory medal earned in non-competitive matches are 1 point, while for competitive its 4 points.

The final step is reaching the Glory rank ‘Fabled’ during the season. And once you’ve grinded through absolutely all of that, you’ll head to Lord Shaxx, and he’ll give you ‘the mountaintop.’

The excitement of these new pinnacle weapons, as well as Destiny 2 Season 5 all comes out next week, so get ready to be grinding away!