Overwatch Season 13 Kicks Off

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Buckle up as Overwatch Season 13 has just commenced, and we’ve got everything you need to know!

Firstly, and the arguably the most pivotal step of having a successful season in Overwatch, is your placement games. To obtain a skill ranking, you’ve got to complete 10 matches beforehand. You’ll be then put into a skill rating which numbers between 1 and 5000, determining your assessed skill level. For your placement matches, you’ll have to play any of the selected modes: Escort, Assault, Control or Hybrid. Grind them out and try your hardest, as they determine your starting lead in Overwatch Season 13. But don’t get too caught up in placement matches, and most importantly – don’t let it take the fun out of Overwatch for you. Think of placement matches like just any regular set of 10 matches, but you’re not able to see your own rank. But once it’s all done, you’ll be put into the skill ranking you deserve, and you’re ready to grind away at all the new opportunities Overwatch Season 13 has to offer!

Let’s have a look at what’s new.

The first major change is that Tobjorn is back from rework! For those who don’t know, Tobjorn used to be a broken character, with overpowered abilities and usages. But luckily, Tobjorn is now much more balanced, with easier turret deploy mechanisms, the new ability of a self-buff called Overload, and a new ultimate ability that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows. His abilities now are: Rivet Gun, Forge Hammer, Deploy Turret, Overload and Molten Core. Rivet Gun, as the name suggests, fires rivets which are capable of going long distance but can also eject molten metal for short-ranged targets. Forge Hammer repairs turrets and can also be used as a weapon. Deploy turret, as the name suggests, deploys a self-building turret which automatically tracks and attacks enemies. Overload, the new ability, lets Torbjorn gain additional armour, as well as better attack and movement speed, and even reload speed. Molten core allows Torbjorn to create a pool of hot molten slag that deals massive amounts of damage, and is a force to be reckoned with.

The big change coming to Overwatch Season 13 has to be Competitive Team Deathmatch, which features a 4v4 deathmatch-style game mode where each team is racing for 30 points to win the game. 1 kill awards you with 1 point, and if you get killed, you won’t lose any points. To play, you can either group up with your friends, or take them on yourself against similar-skilled opponents.

Blizzard have even been kind enough thrown in a few rewards for Overwatch Season 13 players! For those who complete their placement matches during Season 13 will receive a special spray and player icon. Additionally, if you’re placed in the top 500 players on your corresponding platform and region, guess what – you’ll get another player icon and spray.

And if that wasn’t enough, as you grind it through Overwatch Season 13, you’ll be accumulating ‘Competitive Points,’ which you’ll be able to spend on golden versions of weapons as the season comes to a closure.

Last not but least, Blizzard have announced a new hero – Ashe! Ashe is a dynamic gunslinger, being Overwatch’s first ever character that can aim down sights, but on the other hand, she also reloads per bullet. In addition to her pinpoint accuracy, she also packs dynamite that players can either leave to detonate on the floor or pull off a mid-air detonation by shooting it. She’s also got a shotgun by her side, that she can use anytime for quick hits of major damage. Her ultimate, summons a robot named BOB, that goes around attacking the first enemy he sees, or the nearest group of enemies. A pretty interesting character if you ask me, and definitely worth a shot!


You’ve got until October 28 – so get cracking! For all Overwatch gamers, PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, level 25 and above, you’ll be able to enter this new season of competitive play by clicking on the ‘Play’ button, and further selecting ‘Competitive Play.’ What are you waiting for – get some buddies, or take them all on yourself, and grind out Overwatch Season 13!