“Scourge of the Past” Raid Announced for Destiny 2

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In the words of Bungie themselves, “dust off your sparrow collections. You’re going to want the right perk, and the right look, for crossing the finish line,” there exciting news for all you Destiny 2 players currently enjoying the “Season of the Forge.” If the new heavy machine guns, iron banners, gear from the Black Armory, and the other updates coming with the new season weren’t enough, Bungie have announced a new raid; Scourge of the Past.

This new raid was just made live, as a part of the continuation of the Season of the Forge. And yes, this is a full raid, not just a Raid Lair to add to our current Leviathan Raid, but to conclude the Black Armory storyline. In fact, this raid features three separate encounters for you to grind through. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump straight into it.

Firstly, we can find the new raid taking place in the Last City on Earth, home of the Guardians and contains the last remnants of humanity. This place has been talked about for months leading up to the raid. There’s been countless forum and reddit posts on conspiracy theories about the Last City, and we’re finally here! We’ve only ever visited this location in the main Destiny 2 campaign mission, so there’s bound to be some new unseen features waiting for you. As we mentioned before, this is a full raid, not a raid layer, which is because the new raid takes place in a new location, and features a new story separate from the Forsaken’s main plot.

Surprisingly, this raid doesn’t have a minimum power level. However, the recommended power is 640. So, if you’re a few levels before, you can still give it a shot!

Keep in mind, this raid will expose you to some high level PvE content, and some new areas such as:

  • The new Botza District, where you’ll be able to ride your sparrow, and slay an elite berserker enemy.
  • The Sewers, which act as a lead to the next area.
  • The Botza Underground, with some complex puzzles
  • Vault Ebisu, with a little tease to your raid chest.
  • The Insurrection Prime, where you’ll be killing yet another berserker enemy.

Also, there’s some goodies for all you skilled players out there. The first team to defeat the whole raid, will be crowned as World First and will receive a special Raid Belt. However, this reward is only for the final 6, so if you leave the raid halfway through, it’ll be your replacement getting the glory.


For those who miss out on the utmost glory of the Raid Belt, you haven’t been ignored. As long as you beat the Scourge of the Past in the first 24 hours of release, you’ll be awarded the Scourge of Nothing emblem.

However, for those still not quick enough, there’s something in it for you as well. As long as you beat the Scourge of the Past raid before 9AM Pacific Standard Time on the 12th of December, there’s an exciting reward for you.

If you head over to the Bungie merchandise store, you’ll see a new jacket, called the “Forsaken Scourge of the Past Raid Jacket.” This stylish jacket also comes with a personalization option, for no additional fee. Now, you’re not seeing things; it does say that it costs $777,777.77. If you’re not Bill Gates, you’ll be wondering – how on Earth do I get this jacket? Well, you’ll only be able to lower this preposterous price down to a reasonable $149.99 by completing the raid with the dates aforementioned, which will give you a special discount code. Jacket’s will start to ship out during the first 4 months of 2019.

Keep in mind, the Scourge of the Past Raid is a part of the new Season of the Forge. So, to participate, you’ll need to purchase the Annual Pass, which won’t set you back that much. Also, you’ll have access to the Forsaken expansion. So, for all you Guardian’s out there, grab the final chest, cross the finish line and return back to your orbit with your Fireteam as victors.