Our Mission

Mariboost was born with the idea of becoming one of the BEST boosting websites around and we can proudly say that we are finally there. Our Professionalism and quality of work is already well renown in the boosting community and we’ll do our best to keep increasing it to the maximum extent. Our mission is your Satisfaction.

Who We Are

We are now what once started as a business and unexpectedely became a FAMILY. We gave everything we had from the very beginning and received back so much support in any possible way that now we can easily define our clients and community as Family. We are players like you who wanted to put our expertise to your service, so that we could realize your desires the way you yearned them. Stop dreaming about it and let us realize your dreams for you. Become one of US.

Our Numbers









24/7 Support

Our live support is online 24/7, always ready to take care of your requests. If you have questions about the service, any question, do not hesitate to ask! Be ready for a fast answer! Are you interested in a custom request? Look for the support! Do you have doubts about the service? Blame the support! Did you find what you were looking for? Kill the.. no wait. Thank the support. After all we know it’s always the support…

Our Story

We started small but we knew what we wanted to become once grown-ups! Professionalism, Customer service and high work quality is what we focussed on from the very beginning… A strategy that paid back for both us and our clients in the best possible way. Once step after another we started to mold and evolve this platform the way we dreamed it. Let’s have a look a tour history from the beginning to present time!

Old Mariboost Logo

Mariboost Comes Alive! - March 2017

Mariboost was created with one intention: deliver the best possible service for Overwatch, but not denying the possibility to expand to more games. The platform was simple, nothing great but driven by the desire to excel. Our first logo was a customized handmade Pachimari.

Mariboost Logo

New Logo - August 2017

Things were going great for us and we thought about giving the service a more professional and refined look, we started with the logo. Shortly after we decided it was time to step it up.

Mariboost V1.0 - August 2017

The first offical website for Mariboost! We had everything needed to start our great journey along with our clients, supporting them in all the possible ways. Overwatch was the only game but we had a proper order’s page with a chat and possibility to check the progress as we were playing.

Destiny Logo

Destiny 2 - November 2017

Destiny 2 came out and we decided it was the time to branch our interests. We made the right decision: from that moment Mariboost started to become something bigger, always aiming to become a better and more complete service.

Mariboost V1.5 - February 2018

Few months later Mariboost made half a step towards what it is today. We added new features for our clients such as the summary, feedbacks, several reworks regarding the management of the orders. We started reworking our roster to match our new platform and service’s quality with exceptionally great players.


PUBG - March 2018

We felt good, everything was going great and we decided it was time, once again, to expand to new games. Pubg was our first choice, driven by the great success the game was having and we managed to get a more than decent share of market.

Rocket League Logo

Rocket League - April 2018

Rocket League is one of the funniest and better made games around, we had to have it and we did. This was the first non-shooter we added to our Service! Our clients were surprised and delighted at the same time and this expanded our client base by a lot.

HearthStone Logo

HearthStone - May 2018

Hearthstone is an evergreen game, it’s been around for a while and probably will always be around so we thought: “why not?”. Another successful idea that managed to put us in a great spot, becoming one of the fastest growing boosting services around.

League of Legends Logo

League of Legends - June 2018

Adding League of Legends was only a matter of time. It took us longer since we wanted it to be perfect, and it was. This decision opened for us a new world to be explored and conquered. It was tough and it still is but we were gaining a bigger and bigger client base trusting us with their beloved accounts.

Mariboost V2.0 - February 2019

We wanted to change the game: a completely renewed plaftorm with many new features as the fidelity system, referal system, completely renewed user’s interface and a new feature: our BLOG. We also redesigned the chat and automized most of the managing matters, giving us more time to take care of our HUGE customer base and to be able to think towards the future. We achieved a lot already but this is only the beginning, we’ll show you what we can do.