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Mariboost is a top notch boosting service for multiple games. We deal with any platform and we perform worldwide. With us you can find the highest quality service around and the best team composed only by Professional Boosters from all around the world. Fast response and fast delivery with an incredibly high success rate. We can make any of your dreams come true, no exceptions.

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Our Support will help you everyday 24/7. Check the email, join your order page and give your booster the security code using the order chat. Full controll for our customers!

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We developed our own currency and referral system!

The moment you make any order in our website, you will be rewarded with an amount of MariCoins equal to the 3% of what you spent. What about referrals? Well, it's simple: the moment you register in the website, you will be provided with your own referral link in your profile page. If your friends register with your link and then make an order, you ( and them ) will get the 3% of the order price as MariCoins !

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Your Account is in safe hands

Your account is completely safe with us. We require only the information that is needed to log on the account, nothing more. We take security extremely serious, treating your personal data such as account, email, gamer tag through Https protocol, providing the ultimate security! Our boosters are strictly instructed how to operate once they log in. No flaming, cursing or any type of negative attitude is allowed. Also they are not allowed to answer any private message nor add anyone, your account will stay exactly as you gave it to us.

You have the complete control

The Choice is yours! Within our member’s area you will have the complete control on your boost: Check if we are currently working on your account, chat with the booster, pause your order, take a look on the progress on your constantly updated account. The history of the played games is easily consultable! You can also check the stream, if requested.

Our Team

We are extremely proud to say that our boosters are professionals, chosen not only because of their incredibly high skill level but also for they attitude towards the client. Needless to say that all our boosters are amongst the best players around on each game, respectively. We are always looking for the right booster according to the order. Also third party programs ( Cheats ) are strictly forbidden. We don’t risk our work and your account because we are already sure that the service will be successful.


Our live support is online 24/7, always ready to take care of your requests. If you have questions about the service, any question, do not hesitate to ask! Be ready for a fast answer! Are you interested in a custom request? Look for the support! Do you have doubts about the service? Blame the support! Did you find what you were looking for? Kill the.. no wait. Thank the support. After all we know it’s always the support…

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